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Submitted on: Mar 03, 2013 at 06:06 PM
I have read the above:
Race and Class
Troll Monk
Where are you from?

Aalesund, Norway

Previous guilds, and why did you leave?

None, just social guilds for perks while leveling, not been involved with any riding guilld in Mist of Pandaria yet.



Raid Experience: Everything from 60 to 90:

Vanilla: Cleared MC/BWL and AQ20 - Killed first 3-4 bosses in AQ40. Raided as Hunter, Mage and Warlock

TBC: Cleared everything up to Sunwell, Killed 3 first bosses in Sunwell before stoping. Raided as Hunter, Warlock

Wotlk: Cleared everything up to Lich'King. Had some tries on him but did not take him down. Raided on Hunter and Paladin, was maintank for my guild throughout ICC10/25

Cataclysm: Cleared all the raid content with my guild, We cleared Heroic DS after the nerf. Raided as Warrior, Paladin and Hunter. Was maintank for my guild in normal DS 10 and DS10 HC after that. Done LFR DS on just about every class.

MoP: Not raided yet. Done every raid on LFR with Shaman(Healer), Warrior (Tank), Monk (DPS), Mage and Rogue

Your activity? What days can you raid? What days can't you raid?

I have no life, so therefor i am able to attend every raid, each day.*
I am also online pretty much every day, doing daily's, transmog runs or just farming some HC's for valor cap.

*Take note that unforeseen forces such as a meteor crash or a zombie apocalypse might drop my chances of joining some days.

Specc, Talents and glyphs? Why do you use these?

Windwalker Monk

Momentum - Just a simple speed increase
Zen Sphere - provides a HoT and a DoT, wich i find good for when questing
Power Strikes - It comes down to Power Strikes or Chi Brew, i choose Power strikes because i find it to be easier to control for me.
Charging Ox Wave - a choice of CC spell.
Healing Elixirs - This is useless as of now, so i am chaning this to Difuse Magic for a extra personel cooldown
Invoke Xuen, the White tiger - Simply the best choice of DPS cooldown

Why C O R E?

I wanted to join C O R E after hearing about it from my friends, they said that they were in need of raiders, and i want to start getting into raiding again. And what better place to start back then a friendly environment with some IRL friends. The guild seem to be progressing well, and i wish to be a part of that.

What can you offer C O R E?

I can offer C O R E a stable raider that knows his classes and knows how WoW works, the basics of raiding and that prepares for each raid, with food and flasks. A raider that always have gold for repairs and such. An experienced raider, and wow player.

Du you know anyone in CORE?

Yes, Netharil/Nelliey, Tasta/Xytric and Yuriou.

What is your goal in WoW?

My goal is to be in a stable raiding guild, with the aim to push down content and progress throughout the MoP Expansion. Simply put, In it, to win it.

Link to your armory: - Its named Karelia now, but i will change it when i transfer to Mazrigos

Screenshot of your current UI:

I don't have one at the moment, but i can upload it when my transfer is done.

Other information:

Hope to hear from you soon


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Here is a screenshot of me ingame, simple and clean

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