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caracter Pending

Status: REJECTED (Lacks gear)
Submitted on: Feb 07, 2013 at 09:13 PM
I have read the above:
Race and Class
Tauren Druid
Where are you from?


Previous guilds, and why did you leave?

Norwegian badboys on auchindown alliance been there more or less since wrath,



Raid Experience: Everything from 60 to 90:

cleared evrything up to ICC in wrath, but been inactive on the raiding part since. raiding LFR in cata :)

Your activity? What days can you raid? What days can't you raid?

After 19:00 weeekdays

Specc, Talents and glyphs? Why do you use these?

resto, boom, feral... what ever you need :)

Why C O R E?

My friends here, Uredd, and he's bitching me like a mofo and screams for help... lolololol.... nah, just wanna help out, you sound like a great bunch

What can you offer C O R E?

repair cost?

Du you know anyone in CORE?


What is your goal in WoW?

Have fun,

Link to your armory:

Transfer pending

Screenshot of your current UI:

none sorry, using bartender, xperl, and original raidframes

Other information:



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