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Submitted on: Jan 10, 2013 at 07:26 PM
I have read the above:
Race and Class
Blood Elf Priest
Where are you from?

Trondheim Norway

Previous guilds, and why did you leave?

Been playing since vanilla, it has been many but most of then died or disbanded, last guilds was Coldforged, touch me and Defenders of Valor on Al'akir / auchindoun



Raid Experience: Everything from 60 to 90:

Killed evry raid boss at apropriate expansion from 70 to 85, only done LFR at 90 because i lost intrest in the game due to heavy gating in form of dailys.

Your activity? What days can you raid? What days can't you raid?

I can raid any day after 19:00 server time, but I can't attend more than a few raids a week

Specc, Talents and glyphs? Why do you use these?

after MoP I beleve most of the talents are pretty situational and I'll adjust to what the raid needs.

Why C O R E?

I know ppl here... og well.. one... but thats enough eh???

What can you offer C O R E?

I'm an experianced player and I have raided in evry expansion exept vanilla in evry role and most classes.

Du you know anyone in CORE?


What is your goal in WoW?

Have a good time

Screenshot of your current UI:
Other information:

Also transfering a 90 warrior :)


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Just throw a whisper to an officer when you get to Mazrigos.

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