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Submitted on: Jan 03, 2013 at 07:18 PM
I have read the above:
Race and Class
Blood Elf Paladin
Where are you from?


Previous guilds, and why did you leave?

Former member of C O R E, named Bygdetulling ( 80 Orc Hunter)



Raid Experience: Everything from 60 to 90:

60: AQ 40 except C'thun and naxx 40 2 bosses only
70: MH and BT
80: ICC 10/25, killed LK on 10man only
85: didn't play cata
90: only done LFR till now but im a quick learner.

Your activity? What days can you raid? What days can't you raid?

It's depends alot because im working in shift so some days I work 06:00-14:00 and the next day I work 14:00-22:00 but I think I should be able to do arround 70% attendence

Specc, Talents and glyphs? Why do you use these?

Talent's: Long arm of the law, Fist of justice, Selfless healer, Clemency, Sanctified Wrath and Execution Sentence.
Glyph's: Glyph of Inquisition, Glyph of Word of Glory and Glyph of Double Jeopardy
I chose these talent's and glyph's because I think they are best to get my max dps

Why C O R E?

Because my close friend Alshara is in the guild pluss im a former member and liked raiding with C O R E during wotlk.

What can you offer C O R E?

meet up on raids in good time, fully prepared for hours with fun and raid progress.
I also got jewelcrafting and mining (600/600) so I can craft gems and smelt ore's for guild mates as well

Du you know anyone in CORE?

Alshara is my only IRL mate in the guild but I hope some of the "old members" remember me from when I was raiding on Bygdetulling.

What is your goal in WoW?

clear the raid instances and have fun with friends :)

Screenshot of your current UI:

just a simple ui with Decursive and Recount.

Other information:


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Contact an officer in-game for invite.

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